Today, after meeting with Zoom in San Jose, California, I had a flight to catch at 550pm.  Since it was 415pm when we got out, and I had to drop a rental car at the airport, couldn’t take our CEO back to his car in Los Gatos, or I would risk missing my flight home! What did Chris do?  Pushed a button, ordered an Uber, spent $15-$20 to catch a ride to his car. Now consider this.  You are a sales rep for your company and making quota is dependent upon you talking to prospects.  Push a button, talk to a prospect in under 3Read More →


To order Sales Hack, click here. SalesHack, The Book, containing Sales Hacks from 25 of the world’s best sales authors and speakers, will be available at one of two events in San Francisco during SalesForce Dreamforce (September 14th through September 18th). In addition to SalesHack, a limited edition copy of Zero Time Selling, by Andy Paul, will be available during the Sales Velocity event at the Four Seasons hotel from 2 – 8pm on September 15th. Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, has written the foreward for the book and Andy Paul will be not only speaking at the event, but also available to sign books duringRead More →


While sitting on Junkanoo beach in the Bahamas, looking at this view, you wanna say “yes”, right?!   Of course you do!  She could have said, “would you like to buy a coconut drink?” or “want a piña colado?” But then she would have limited the potential buyers (the market).  By saying “wanna try a coconut drink today?” she appeals to the whole family. Parents are thinking, yes with some rum.  Kids are thinking, yum, coconut, do I get the actual coconut?! The moral–don’t limit your market by asking self limiting questions! Example: selling marketing automation, then why say “are you responsible for your emailRead More →


When a lead comes in to the top of the funnel, who typically calls that lead? ANSWER: For most B2B sales organizations today, it’s a Sales Development Representative (SDR). WHY: Because often sales leaders, and executives of companies are busy people. WHAT IS THE RESULT OF THIS SITUATION: SDRs are typically millenials who just graduated from college, and have limited business experience.  This lack of business experience causes these SDRs to miss opportunities or as Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell says, “fly right right over the zebras”. Sales Hack #24, The Last Shall Be First Hack, goes like this: Lead comes into the 800#, and rings aRead More →

SalesHack23_unmatched socks

Of all the sales hacks posted to date, this is perhaps the biggest of them all. Especially for companies who have generated hundreds or thousands of leads, passed them to sales, and then see sales sent the back to marketing. This hack, otherwise known as the “unmatched socks” hack, is credited to Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell. After launching a ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand campaign with RingCentral, Chris noticed that the number of meetings generated was better than any other campaign launched so far, for any customer. In fact, in just one day, in 987 dials, Josh Parnes, an OutboundOnDemand ISR, generated 33 meetings by calling these “dormantRead More →


Sales Hack #22: The Call Scheduling Hack How many times have you scheduled a call with a client, and then they don’t show? Does Wednesday at 9 AM or Thursday at 1 PM work better? You block off both and studiously prepare. But your efforts were all in vain – the client didn’t show for either. Scheduling sales calls is tough! As a prospective vendor, you’re last on the list of priorities and first to be crossed off when other problems arise.  Like many sales pros, Mike used to get tortured by this. Now, it’s a minor issue. He uses Calendly to keep all his appointmentsRead More →


Imagine that you are a “mid-market” or “enterprise” company, with 40 Sales Development Reps who are responsible for generating leads for sales.  On average, the “SDR team” generate between 20 – 30 meetings/month.  Peeling back the data, you discover that over 70% of the meetings come from INBOUND marketing leads, and a mere 30% of the meetings come from outbound.  This is where things get exciting in 2015 with the advent of ConnectAndSell “InstantResponse” capability which can be done through a managed service, or in-house by a much smaller Sales Development Rep team. Check it out… In-House Sales Development Rep Team (40 Reps @ 50 dials/day)Read More →